individual planning

Discover the world of professional interior planning – you are looking for solutions to create rooms that are not only stylish but also functional. We transform your living, working, or learning environment into a symbiosis of aesthetics and functionality.

Through user orientation, creativity, and experience, we create harmonious spaces that are not only visually appealing but also support your goals. This way you get spaces that really meet your needs.

furniture and lifestyle products

Professional furniture design is aesthetic and creates functional and high-quality solutions. With well-thought-out design, furniture can be created that optimally meets the needs of your customers.

You are looking for a professional partner to design your furniture and create innovative solutions in close cooperation with your production department? We work with you to create the perfect solution.
We are also happy to support you with color and material design as well as construction and series development.

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insiders and concepts

From innovative approaches such as the circular economy and Cradle to Cradle (C2C) to tools such as Design Thinking and 9 Windows, there are many ways to shape a better future together. In the future, sustainable design will not only be an option but an obligation that brings the world into harmony. Welcome to the creative journey to a better future.

just do it yourself

Unleash your creative potential with our online video courses! In our digital learning world, we offer you the freedom to take your interior design into your own hands. So you can be your own professional planner. Learn flexibly and whenever you want. Design rooms that bear your personal signature. Discover the joy of DIY!

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Nadine Kümmel

"Nadine Kümmel Design" is a creative studio founded in Mainz in 2015 with a focus on furniture design, spatial conception, and sustainable development. Special emphasis is placed on user-based functionality and emotionally appealing aesthetics.

The area of sustainability includes the development of holistic concepts based on the principles of Whole System Thinking and Design Thinking.

After studying interior architecture and product design in Mainz and Melbourne, Australia, she worked as a designer and project manager for the exhibit builder Expotec, supporting clients such as Seat, EON, and JUWI. At the same time, she began to work independently and to realize her first drafts in furniture design and interior architecture. With her degree in sustainable product development from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, she specialized further in this field. She is still involved in the circular economy through lectures and workshops and as a presiding member of Cradle to Cradle e.V. Mainz."