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Hotel "Zeitlos" Limburg

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Rooms are the frames of our lives

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In the world of furniture and interior design, nothing is more important than the precise recording and consideration of customer requirements. Whether it's private living spaces, offices, teaching environments or hotels, the needs of the client and all users who enter the space on a regular basis are crucial.

From the guest in a hotel room to the employee in the office, from the family in their private home to the delivery and cleaning staff working in a school or office building - everyone has specific requirements and expectations of the space they use every day. It is essential to understand this diversity of needs and incorporate them into the design and layout.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, be it in an office, a classroom or at home, a space must be optimally tailored to the needs of its users to ensure a smooth flow. In homes, this means knowing the daily routines of the family in detail and integrating the needs of each individual family member.

Ultimately, only careful consideration of all requirements and needs - from start to finish, from conception to implementation - creates a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also seamlessly integrated into the everyday lives of its users. This is the only way to turn a space into a real service provider for the people who use it every day.


Short Consultation


Are you in the middle of an interior project and still a little unsure? Would you like to hear the opinion of a professional because you're stuck and just can't get any further with your planning? Or your new floor plan is causing you construction problems and simply needs to be optimized again. In our short consultation, we'll give you new impetus and fresh ideas for your own planning process.

Everything we can discuss in 45 minutes can be put on the table. At the end, you can decide whether you would like to extend the consultation time once.

Online Consultation


Professional planning for your favorite corner! Whether you want to integrate a home office, give an unused corner a new lease of life or need more storage space. We'll tackle your project together.

Our journey together begins with a short phone call to determine whether we are a good fit and what planning services you need. Then we start with the needs analysis to precisely record your requirements and the circumstances. Based on this, we develop a digital floor plan in 2D and a furnishing proposal. With a mood board and color concept, we give you a guideline so that you can confidently implement your style. Key elements are visualized in a simple 3D representation so that you can easily imagine them. To make implementation easier for you, we present five shopping links that lead directly to the selected furniture and accessories. This way, you can easily purchase the elements that perfectly match your new room concept.

Individual Planning

Price on request

Discover the world of professional interior design - you are looking for solutions for rooms that are not only stylish but also functional. We transform your living, working or learning environment into a symbiosis of aesthetics and functionality. Through user orientation, creativity and experience, we create harmonious spaces that are not only visually appealing, but also support your goals. So you get spaces that really meet your needs. 

So if you are interested in customized space planning, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a quote for your project.

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Unleash your creative potential with our online video courses! In our digital learning world, we offer you the freedom to take your interior design into your own hands. So you can be your own professional planner. Learn flexibly and whenever you want. Design rooms that bear your personal signature. Discover the joy of DIY!